ABEC11 F1 Longboard Rollen 107 mm

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ABEC11 F1 Longboard Rollen 107 mm, 74a, schwarz / gelb.


ABEC11 F1 Longboard Rollen, 107 mm, 74a, schwarz

 – Evolve ABEC11 F1 Wheels
– Größe: 107 mm
– Härte 74a
– Farbe: schwarz / gelb
– 4er Set
(ohne Riemenabdeckung fahrbar)
– Fahrbar mit Abec11/Evolve GT Drive Gears
-Topspeed 46 km/h mit Evolve 32t Drive Gear

Evolve/ABEC 11 F1 Wheels

Evolve Skateboards have teamed up with Abec 11 to bring to the community a Bad Ass electric skateboard wheel called F1!  This wheel is BIG and JUICY as its
made from Abec 11’s famous super soft Reflex Formula 74a so it feels like butter under foot when riding and it will also unlock faster top speeds due to the larger
wheel diameter, this wheel simply loves to roll and roll!  The F1 wheel will fit our standard 32T drive gears and 38T drive gears so you are able to play around with
speed and torque ratios.

107 mm Diameter
45 mm Core Diameter
31 mm Urethane Depth
64mm Width
55 mm Contact Patch
Offset Core
74a Reflex Formula
Made in USA
These wheels can be used on –  Carbon GT, Bamboo GT, Bamboo GTX, ONE board, Gen2 Bamboo street and Gen1 Carbon Street boards
Top Speed with 32t drive gear, around 46km/h.

NOTE:  The street belt covers currently used on the Evolve GT boards must be removed before use as the wheel will touch the existing cover when riding due to the massive size, we will have a new cover available shortly.  Also, there is no 107mm wheel setting on our current GT remote, however, we will have a solution for this shortly!

Veröffentlicht am 5.11.2017

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weiss, schwarz


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